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"  Jack was super approachable, professional and friendly at all times and avoided the clichés many recruiters fall back on. He was always available to help and was quick to get back to me with anything I required, would definitely recommend him!"


Software Developer

"  It was a real pleasure working with Jack, who helped me to find my new role. He was friendly and professional throughout, and took the time to understand exactly what I was looking for. I highly recommend Jack to anyone searching for their next role. Thanks Jack!"


Software Developer

"Jack is great at what he does. He is efficient and easy to work with. When Jack first approached me with a role, I was impressed with the level of detail he understood what I did & just as importantly, what the client wanted. After taking the interview with his client, I spoke to him about the things I liked, didn't like, and what would be nice to have. The next two companies he approached me about were exactly in line with what I was looking for. The second of the two is now where I work. During my process, I received multiple offers. Jack took the time to sit down with me and talk only about the role that he was working with. During the negotiation, he told me the parts he thought were feasible, unlikely, and not doable. Additionally, he did not talk down the other roles nor did he pressure me to choose the role he was presenting. He gave me his idea of the pros & cons of only his role and then said "Ultimately, it's your call". Left it at that. Not many recruiters do that. I choose this role because when I told him my requirements, he listened and provided me exactly what I was looking for."


Data Engineer

"Recently been placed in a role that Jack passed my way, he was nothing but professional through the whole process. He realised I was perfect for the role and encouraged me to expand on my CV a little to make sure I made the correct impression during the interview and selection process. I'm glad I had him on my side during the process as I had been stagnating in my previous role for many years and didn't think there was anything new out there for me. Many Thanks Jack!"


Senior Software Developer

"  Jack is one of the great recruiters, incredibly hard working and definitely keeps on top of everything. He made sure I was in the loop and offered great advice! Highly recommend him."


Software Developer

"  Jack is the best recruiter I have worked with. Incredibly professional and talented, never misses a follow-up call, and a genuine pleasure to work with. He fully understood the type of role I was looking for and helped me through the entire process. I would highly recommend him."


Data Engineer

"I worked with Jack to gain my most current role, he made the process so easy and dealt with all communications between me and my company, arranging interviews & after my offer arranged everything all the way up to the start date. Would recommend to anyone looking for a new role, Thanks again Jack."


Test Analyst

"I recently worked with Jack to move into my current software development role after nearly 4 and a half years in my previous role. Jack was very professional and thorough in his approach through every aspect of the recruitment process, whether that be giving me pointers to help me prepare for the interviews, addressing any concerns I had throughout the process or communicating feedback to either side. If you’re looking for a new role and need an experienced and approachable recruiter to help you take that next step, I can certainly recommend Jack."


Software Developer

"Possibly the best recruiter I’ve been through, really genuine and honest guy that helped me with my career! Jack is always willing to help and goes the extra mile :)"


Software Developer

"Having worked with lots of pushy and aggressive recruiters over the years it's refreshing to work with Jack. He kept me informed & updated without disrupting my day. With Jack's help I've made a great career step and would gladly work with him again."


Senior Developer

"Jack is without doubt one of the best recruiters I have ever worked with. His dedication to making sure the role is right for you is too notch! he has a genuine care his clients on both sides of the table. At no point did I ever feel pressured to take a role and he respected me every step of the way"


Software Developer

"Having decided to move from a software developer position after nearly 6 years I didn't want to be bombarded again with recruitment agents who promise the world and end up sending my details to every Tom, Dick, and Harry.   After vetting several agencies, I came across Jack, who, thankfully is not your run-of-the-mill bonus chasing recruiter. Jack initially set me up with a promising position but after a successful 1st stage process the companies MD decided he wanted to spend less and get less. Although this was disappointing, this did not deter Jack who worked tirelessly to find me the type of position I wanted to take my career into.   Jack has maintained contact even after I secured my new senior position, and I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone who is looking to find a suitable new role. You will have the knowledge that Jack always has your best interest in heart and mind. "


Senior Developer

"I can highly recommend Jack Leeming to anyone looking to use Optima Dev services. Jack helped me gain a role as a developer at a logistics company in Leicester.   His approach was friendly and professional, which gave me confidence in the whole process leading up to me being offered the role above. He guided me through every step of the recruitment process offering me advice along the way. His communication is second to none and it helped me a great deal in preparing myself for each stage of the interview process.   So, thank you Jack for all the help you have given me."


Senior Developer

"Since the first phone call I received from Jack, he was very professional and clear about what the job role entailed and what would be expected from me within the role. He provided regular updates throughout the hiring process and offered advice and tips for interview prep as well as feedback afterwards.   While I hope that I will not need another job, I would be happy for Jack to do any further recruitment for me if I ever needed it."


Software Developer

"Throughout the entire application process, Jack consistently kept me up to date with the progress of my application and gave me sound advice at every stage. I felt confident that I was working with someone who had a strong relationship with the company hiring for the role, as well as valuable knowledge of their culture and position within the market. Anyone who is looking for a new opportunity within this Industry as one of Jack's clients, can rest assured that they are in the very capable hands of a friendly and down to earth recruitment professional who knows what they are doing! "


Solutions Architect

"I was introduced to Jack via a colleague of mine in regards to a position that he was recruiting for. From the initial phone conversation right through to a few days before starting the new role Jack was respectful, professional and talented in getting me an offer of employment.   There are many recruiters in the market, some good, some terrible but Jack is certainly one of the best that I have encountered – I would highly recommend his services. "


DevOps Engineer

"Jack is professional, considerate and understanding of the IT market.   While considering my future career and the situation in my current role, I found myself confronted by a number of different opportunities. By luck, one of the more interesting opportunities was presented by Jack which led to us having an open conversation about what I was looking for.   Jack took the time to consider my personal situation and was able to shortlist viable and suitable opportunities for me, treating me with professionalism and consideration at all times.   I have been happy to recommend him to colleagues who found themselves searching for work in the IT market and would also be happy to use his services again should I need to. See less"


Lead Developer

"I highly recommend working with Jack. When leaving my position after over 14 years I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do. Jack gave me the details and then space to make my choice, providing any details I requested to aide the decision. He calmly ran though the recruitment process for the company which after not interviewing for a long time ended up being a very smooth process."


Senior Developer

"I can highly recommend Jack. He approached me with a job offer, but after conversation over the phone he found me 2 more opportunities.   During the process he was really professional and interested in my progress throughout."


Software Developer

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